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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Jordan

My oldest turned 9. How did that happen? Time has gone by so fast with this sweet girl. She almost always wants to help, she wants to love on everyone...sometimes even if you don't need help. She's walking the line between wanting to be a little girl and a preteen. She wants to stay up later than her siblings, she wants to do things big girls do...some things she's definitely not ready to do.. but through it all her ability to love people unconditionally is amazing. She can see things in ways I never knew, sometimes I underestimate her, but willingness to let people see her for who she is, is amazing, there are no pretenses with her. I hope it stays that way.

Some of the things she loves is horseback riding (a new passion), American Girl Dolls and books, anything that has to do with science...she always wants to do experiments or invent something, she wants to be a chef some day(we got her a cook book for her birthday, at least she is willing to try new foods under the guise of chef).

I love her smile, her spirit, even when she makes me crazy, she's my daughter and she'll always be my baby.
We had a pizza party making our Chef aprons and Pizza.
Thank you Grammie for helping cook all the pizza's.Yeah Mima and Papa for bringing the water slide, except for a few minor injuries they loved it.
Serious air borne, not sure if this is what my future holds with a boy.
Warming up in Mima's arms.
Michael made one of his cakes again, deep dish pizza with the delivery box.
Thank you Daddy for making my cake.
Desperately wanting a Zhu Zhu pet because no we are not getting a real hamster.
How did the time go by so fast.

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