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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beach Pictures

Went to the beach this year, some years we get to go, some years we don't. It just depends on our schedule, but we usually enjoy our down time and time spent with Michael's family. The kids love their cousins, the weather was pretty nice and even though I wasn't able to do too much, getting bronchitis the second day we were there, we managed to enjoy some of ourselves.

The resort we go to has lots of family activities some of which we did and some I didn't get pictures of, like home run derby. They had water balloon toss,

shuffle board

he's the cutest shuffle boarder, ever.
Tie dye t-shirts

they came out pretty good.One of the best things this year was a heated pool in our back yard, we couldn't keep the kids out

especially since the ocean water was a mere 65 degrees, the pool was like taking a bath.
The pool was 4 feet at it's deepest part..the center.. and 6 inches at one end, it was perfect for our little swimmer, except when she decided to mover her arm floats to only one arm and realized she couldn't float....Thanks Michele for jumping in fully clothed.

Even though the weather was pretty nice, we didn't spend as much time one the beach, but at least they got to build one sandcastle (OK airplane)...somewhere my sister in law has pictures of them in a car they made.
It wasn't crowded, which was nice but the girls were disappointed that it was too cold to go boogie boarding.
I didn't realize I made the type to small to read but this is what it says next to the arrow. "only sighting of teenage nephew...he wasn't too interested in a family vacation, but it was good to see him anyway.

An evening stroll looking for crabs....guess which kids are missing...MINE..except Kaleigh, she's the only one brave enough to go with her cousins in search of crabs.
While we waited for the crab hunters to come back, we waited.
He just sat right there next to me and cuddled up. I love this picture.
what you can't see is my cup of tea that I carried for 6 days straight, but I tried not to let it get to me.

The neices
and the grand kids, minus the teenage boy..

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Courtney said...

ugh. how awful to be sick on vacation! so SORRY!!!