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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Freedom Trail part 2 - Bunker Hill

On Sunday we went to Bunker Hill, since the Freedom Trail was so long we split it into two days and we were lucky the weather was beautiful! I put some facts about Bunker Hill below, it is beautiful to be on top of that hill and it's in a cute little part of town called Charlestown. The girls loved it especially since we reenacted it at home, so this was a big deal.

The statue of is of Colonel William Prescott and he led the patriots at Bunker Hill.

Colonel William Prescott was an American colonel in the Revolutionary War who commanded the rebel forces in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Prescott is one of a number of persons to whom the order to his soldiers, "Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes", is attributed, in order that the rebel troops may shoot at the enemy at shorter ranges, and therefore more accurately and lethally, and so conserve their limited stocks of ammunition.

The monument is a square shaft, built of Quincy granite, 221 feet high, 31 feet square at the base and 15 at the top. Its foundations are inclosed 12 feet under ground. Inside the shaft is a round, hollow cone, 7 feet wide at the bottom and 4 feet 2 inches at the top, encircled by a winding staircase of 224 stone steps, which leads to a chamber immediately under the apex, 11 feet in diameter. The chamber has four windows, which afford a wide view of the surrounding country, and contains two cannons, named respectively Hancock and Adams, which were used in many engagements during the war. The corner-stone of the monument was laid on the fiftieth anniversary of the battle, June 17, 1825, by Lafayette, who was then visiting America, when Webster pronounced the oration. The monument was completed, and June 17, 1843, was dedicated, Webster again delivering the oration.

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