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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boston Part 2 - The Freedom Trail - first half.

We took the kids on the Freedom Trail in Boston it's a 2.5 mile walk one way beginning with the Boston Common Park and ending with Bunker Hill (MAP). We got to see everything from The State House to Old State House (sight of the Boston Massacre) to the Old North Church, Paul Revere's House, Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution. Click on the Map to see all the names of the places and in case you've never been to Boston, most of it is on hill.

The New State House.
Boston Common Park plaque.
I believe this is the Old King's Church, behind this is where Samuel Adams and John Hancock I believe are buried.

At Fanuiell Hall they have this big open shopping area, where lots of people come out and characters are dressed up.
Paul Revere's house.

Statue of Paul Revere.
Plaque dedicated to Benjamin Franklin, they had them all over he park.

Inside the Old North Church, it's beautiful.

Statue of Roman Solider (don't know why) so he could raise money...go figure, you would think there would be better ways to make money, but it's still pretty cool to see someone willing to go to that extreme for the public.

More to post later.


Renee said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic trip! One place I regret not visiting while living in NOVA was Boston. Well, we did have a 30 minute layover there once. :-) Maybe one day we'll make it out there...

Julie said...

that trail looks awesome, it is great your kids did so well and the weather was good for you. It is amazing how people dress up in all those ways for money, i can think of better ways too!