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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Had the kids evaluated by Lamons Educare a wonderful man who sits on the school board for Fairfax County. He has been doing these evaluations for years and it takes about an hour. I was so proud of the girls they answered the questions with confidence, read for him and showed him all of our paper work that we have done over the year, including posters workbooks, photos and tests. This has been such a learning year for all of us and to hear the words that the girls not only "passed" but we are all doing extremely well. Praise God for his continued strength through this year. We will continue to work on our school work...all though not at the same insane pace but our school year will not end just because we were tested but when we are ready to take a break.

Kaleigh's book of tests, projects and writing.

Jordan's book of writing, tests and some projects, this is only a small sample of the amount of work we have done over the year. I just couldn't carry it all.
First page of a 5 page reading list since September.

Sample writing from the beginning of the year.

Seven page book report she wrote, she has come a LONG way, so proud of her.


Renee said...

That is great! You're doing a great job!

Julie said...

congrats. What a blessing!!!! So excited for you that you got affirmation to all that you have been doing :) HUGS