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Saturday, April 10, 2010

House of Bounce

We've had kind of a stressful week getting ready to do testing for our homeschool, so to blow off some steam and allow the kids a chance to excercise we went to the House of Bounce in Manassas. It's one of those moon bounce places that you would normally go to for parties but during the week they don't have any parties so they have select open house hours. It's great for an hour and a half or two hours they bounce and run around for a small fee. This one had two very large climbing/sliding type things and a regular round jump one. We loved it and the kids behaved well, now they want to know when can we go back.

This is actually higher than it looks.

This is one of those over the mountain and through obstacle type ones, Madison didn't like it at first I had to go through with her at first but then she went all by herself.

Getting some air.

He didn't like any of the slide ones but he loved this one, it was hard to get him out of the regular bounce one.

I love her smile.
It's a shame this one is blurry because it's really cute of them holding hands and laughing on the way down.
Don't you just love his shirt.

Kaleigh doing a flip.
Not to be out done by her sister.


Renee said...

Love Jaden's outfit!! Too cute. That place looks great!

Julie said...

that does look like a fun place, glad you got to run off steam. Hope the testing goes well and isn't stressful!

Lynnea said...

Love the pictures.