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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Started on Catch Up

OK so here is the wrap up of our trip.

After we arrived on Sunday we had dinner and let the decompressing from a very long previous week (Michael was in LA and TX all week) begin. The car ride was long 10 hours or so and Jaden complained a lot. The girls did great but he was frustrated that he had to sit for so long. We didn't take long breaks but we did take some, we stopped went to the bathroom, stretched our legs and got back in the car. We left around 6:30 in the morning (that was a little rough for me) but got to GA around 4:30-5:00pm. In time for dinner and in enough time that everyone could unwind and still keep our bed time routine (sort of).

We did our schooling on Monday (it was definitely hard for Jordan to focus with the excitement of pending cousins arriving at grandparents shortly) but we managed to get it done. Michael had a meeting in Atlanta Monday morning so worked for a good part of the day. The girls were excited to see their cousins once they arrived and it was good to see my sister-in-law.

Tuesday after we did more schooling we went to the American Girl store and cafe, where we had lunch, just the girls and Jaden of course.

We are currently reading the Josephina series, the girls were excited to see the items from the stories (of course they are excited any time we go to an American Girl store).
We had to sit at two seperate tables because there were a lot of us and their restaurants are usually small, but we were right next to each other, and of course I cut off part of my neice Caity, and of course Madison who did not smile much around anyone but her Grammy. Sorry Aunt Betty I didn't mean to catch you blinking it was the only picture I took at the restaurant.
At the other table sat me, Jaden, Kaleigh, Chloe my neice and Michele, my sister-in-law, eventually Madison joined us, she was having a bit of a rough day.

All in all we had a great time that day and the girls loved shopping.

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