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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Final Pictures of Catch up from Thanksgiving

Here are the final pictures from our Thanksgiving week. Hoping to post from the rest of this past week, we have lots of pictures to catch up on.

Our last day we went to this great park called Kids Post (I think) It was a huge park behind this enormous church, it was great. We were a little nervous about the weather because it was only 35 degrees in the morning and windy. So we made sure we bundled up and wore hats but by 1:00 it was in the 50's and really pretty nice. We must have spent easily 2 hours there and then had dinner together before Michele and I out and we headed home to VA on Saturday.

One of the few times she smiled, she was so cranky this week, she's really having some rough sibling jealously lately.
My niece Chloe and my sister-in-law Michele.
I love his smile.
My niece Ally.
Caity, Chloe, Jaden and Kaleigh.
My sweet baby girl.

This net thing was awesome it had to be 15 feet off the ground and yet Jordan my sweet girl who is afraid of heights, climbed it with a rare confidence, I was so surprised, I can definitely see how gymnastics is helping her in her confidence along with everything else we are doing.
There's our one of our Monkey's Kaleigh almost at the top.

My nephew Jake at the top.

We had a great time visiting family, but it is always nice to come home.


Julie said...

that is such a nice park!!! Too bad it isn't near you so that we could go together. My neck is still bad, I am not leaving tomorrow, hopefully I can leave on Monday!

Megan said...

What an awesome playground! Looks like they all had fun!