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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potty Training

OH how I hate potty training. It is my least favorite thing to do, I think I even hate it more than the dentist. But I assured myself as soon as Kaleigh was done with preschool we would begin potty training Madison. Since I would be home for several days consecutively. I would really like to not have to buy any more packages of size 6 diapers (yes you read it right the girl is in size 6, her thighs are pretty thick). But here we are on day 2 and we have had 2 successes and 8 accidents, uuugggghh. I hate cleaning up after all those accidents. We have her favorite Dora panties and potty seats hoping that it would help, she's was so excited but she still is not completely getting it. Well let's try for day 3 tomorrow and see how it goes.

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Julie said...

I am with you, I don't like it either!