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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You can't make this up

So my kids always want to be with me, most days I'm really glad about it, somedays I just need a little space. Well as you can see we have this gate at the top of our second floor stairs for safety reasons and for the most part it has kept our kids safe. However, Madison decided that while I ran downstairs to get Jaden's medicine before bed (we were trying to get everyone ready for bed and trying to keep them all contained) she was going to try and follow me. She tried to squeeze in between the floor and the gate and got stuck. She called to me, "Mommy....I Stuck" I'm glad she wasn't hurt, but this girl is too resourceful.

One day I know she is going to hate me for this picture.


Renee said...

Wow, that really is dangerous! Glad you were there when it happened!

Courtney said...

good job for taking pics :-)

Megan said...

Too funny! I guess she proved the point of why they need protecting!

kristen said...

this is SO funny! maia would have climbed OVER the gate (or does climb over the gate...) it's great that you took pictures - thanks for sharing!

Jenkins said...

That is hilarious...since she is okay then it is okay to say that is funny!

Michelle said...

It was funny!! Which is why I took the picture!Especially because she was totally fine.