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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two days down.. Three to go

Michael is out of town this week, we have done pretty good for the past two days although tonight was a little questionable especially with poopy pants (almost fully potty trained Madison...Again!) and a bathtub full of water with toilet paper (Madison again - that child is creative). Only three more days to go until he gets back. Babysitter is set to come tomorrow night to give me a break and with Co-op and friends Friday this week should fly by...so why am I still on this computer at 11:00 at night?....


Julie said...

lol, I was up entirely too late last night too. And it is hard when they are away. Zach left for the states for 2.5 weeks and that was hard... we couldn't wait for him to get back!

nate and liz said...

Hey michelle,

I am catching up on blogs... it has been crazy, but that is the norm isn't it? :) So cool you are homeschooling! Did I mention to you that I was homeschooled? My mom is on the "final stretch" and is down to the last one - woohoo! We are finally getting into a little groove (after our time in S.A) and I will fb you about getting together next week. Take care and blessings on your family~liz

Jenkins said...

Did you say water and toliet paper in the bathtub...yikes!

All the fun!