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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Confession of an unwilling educator...

First point this is not Michelle...
Second point she may kill me for saying this...I am so proud of her.

When she came to me back in August asking about my thoughts on homeschooling it went like this...So Michael God has laid on my heart that I should home school...serriously people how do you argue with that. Can you imagine the battle that I would have had with God if I disagreed with that, and we would have still been home schooling.

My initial reaction was really...both of them...are you OK.
Second thought was OK I get the Jordan angle but Kaleigh should go to school.

Now a month later I realize that Michelle is the best teacher these Kids could ever have, Jordan is reading, something not done in all her formal schooling, and Kaleigh is so far ahead of where many of Jordan's peers where during that time as well.

Needless to say I try to contribute with learning when I am home, for example at breakfast when someone asks for another pancake we do math to see how many are left on the plate or figure out how many they can each have from what is left. They are smart and realize that is also school and that daddy is being sneaky.

Another great thing is when I come home the only crying is Jaden cause he is hungry...yeah.
So we followed God's lead on this one and the results have been tremendous, it's not easy, but it's getting better.



Courtney said...

your support and encouragement is great to see, Michael! thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

that was awesome to read, and I am sure Michelle appreciates all your support. Your kiddos are blessed to have you guys as parents!!!