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Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Visit

We were so excited my brother came for a visit with his two children, and my kids had such a wonderful time, we all did. They arrived late Friday night and all the kids were up bright and early Saturday morning. After thinking about something to do for a few days, because let's be honest there just is not enough room in our house for 6 kids. The noise level would drive us all crazy, but it was great. The weather was great, the kids were great. We went to a Literacy Counsel event in Fall Church, although we got there a little late because of lost dog that found it's way outside our front door, more on the dog later, so we missed Clifford the big Red Dog (the whole purpose we were going) we caught the end of the event and watched a concert from a kids group called Rocknosaurus, they were very cute. The weather was so nice it seemed a shame to go home so we drove 35 minutes away to Hadley Park - so Madison could get a little nap and let the kids play outside. They all played and were so excited to run and have a good time. By the time we got home for dinner everyone was wiped and after a couple of quick games on the Wii, all the kids went to bed without much effort. They were all up at the crack of dawn the next day wanting to get in as much play time as possible before they left.

This cute little dog showed up on our front porch Saturday morning, making Zoey bark like crazy. When Michael brought him in he was a nervous wreck. He had no tags and was completely lost. All of the kids except, Kaleigh (of course - not a dog person) Madison (could care less) and Jaden wanted to know if we could keep the dog. After several hundred "NO's" and telling them his family probably misses him we need to find his home. We made posters and hung them through out our neighborhood, no one seemed to know who this dog belonged too. The kids were so excited they were sure the dog was going to stay, Michael took it out for one last walk for the night, his family pulls up in front of our house. The dog named Ernie lives in the house behind ours (they just moved in) why didn't we think of this first, but they had been gone all day. My nephew was so sad, I told my brother, I see a dog in his future.... he didnt' agree.

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