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Friday, March 6, 2009

Burp cloth and Bibs

So my friend Heather has been teaching me to sew, Michael is so happy because after 4 years of having my sewing machine, I'm actually getting use out of it. I have attempted in the past to do several different projects and have failed miserably and kept saying I wanted lessons but never had the time. Now my friend Heather comes over on Monday's and helps me get set up and brings her sewing machine and we sew together. I have actually hemmed up Jaden's curtains, correctly I might add, and made the kids t-shirts for valentine's day. My friends Abi and Bridget had babies recently, so I decided to make them bibs and burp cloths. I made Abi's burp cloth and bib from scratch purchasing terri cloth and cute flannel material, but my picture of it did not come out so I didn't post it. For Bridget's I made the bib from scratch but added the material to a cloth diaper, here is the picture of how it came out.

My next project is going to be new pillows for my girls and eventually some new bedding, if I can find material cheap enough. I hope Heather has lots of time to help me.

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Courtney said...

too cute!!! i was just sewing this morning...