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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Huge Blessing

This past year in January or February of this year our shepard group (small bible study group) broke off to form another group. As if we had not been blessed by the group we had been in, we were in it for almost 4 years but our current group is simply wonderful. They are very godly people with a heart for service. One of the mom's has offered to bring Kaleigh home from preschool so I don't have to disturb Madison's nap, and on Friday two couple offered to come over to our house and babysit our 4 children along with their 3 for a total of 7 kids so Michael and I can go out for dinner. It was so nice to have dinner together, I had dessert first and then my meal (how fun was that) we had adult conversation (amazingly not centered on our kids) and we weren't too tired to have a conversation at 8 - 9 o'clock at night. Thank you Osborne's and Garn's you have truly blessed our family and we can't thank you enough.

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