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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Bye Binky

Took the girls (Jordan and Kaleigh) to the dentist to have a regular cleaning, which they did great, but he told Madison to hop up in the chair just so he could see what the future was for her and her teeth. First she is completely opposite of the other girls she has plenty of room for all the teeth in her mouth as compared to her sisters who have absolutely no room for teeth, something we have to be careful of with them, but he said Madison's teeth would be perfect and beautiful IF we took away her pacifier now. AAAGGGGHHHH, I'm not ready to deal with that battle, she loves her binky, not as much as Jordan did we got rid of hers at age 3, but a little more than Kaleigh her's was gone by 15 months with little issue, so when I came home from the dentist and put her down for her nap I told her that the binky's had to go bye-bye. Actually she seemed OK with it, she asked for her blankie, which sounds a lot like binky but that was OK. Gave her the blanket and her stuffed dolls and she after about and hour and half of talking in her bed to her dolls and some mild complaining about wanting her binky she fell asleep for 45 minutes. Put her to bed last night again no binky, only her blanket and dolls and she went right to sleep didn't complain at all. HUH, we'll see how this goes tonight. She's still under the weather and so is Jaden so maybe not feeling well has her exhausted but she seem to do OK. Maybe it was just me letting her hang on to babydom.

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