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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

We went to a friends house to do a Co-Op on St.Patrick's day, it was a pretty big group of girls, poor Jaden he was the only boy, except for baby Caleb of course, but it was great. The kids learned about Ireland, St Patrick, they did crafts and even got to eat Corn Beef Cabbage, potatoes and soda bread (although they weren't too hot on the cabbage, I'm not a big fan - but they tried everything.

The leprechauns visited our house on the way. Everyone wore green, including their socks and we are not even Irish...LOL.

Check out Jaden, looking to see if Madison is smiling.

The leprechaun colored all the water in our toilets green, foot prints by our back door and wreaked havoc on our house, the kids loved it, they even blamed the leprechaun for some of their own messes.


Julie said...

they are so cute. I love the green toilet... I will have to do that next year for the kids!

Megan said...

I played some leprechaun tricks last year for the boys. At first Clay was really into it. By bedtime, he was scared the leprechaun was still in the house. I figured I'd take a year off and then try again next year...LOL!