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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Flu

So just to let you all know, no I have not been ignoring my blog, I've just been swamped. Last week Michael was out of town and had to go to Texas, fun stuff. I asked my parents and my mother-in-law if they could come to help me out because he would be gone the entire week. An eternity with four kids. Well on Sunday when we woke up, I could hear Jaden start to cough and I thought he was catching Madison's sinus infection, turns out by Thursday, after two trips to the doctors and several breathing treatments, Jaden was confirmed to have the Flu. Now mind you I am a stickler for getting everyone their flu shot in the fall, but of course in the fall, Jaden was too young so when they asked me if we wanted to give it to him in January I declined thinking that Flu season would soon be over and we could wait until the fall. I half regret that decision now only because even if he had received the flu shot he might still have gotten the flu just a different strain of it. Needless to say it was a long week, with little sleep and a very unhappy little boy. Thank goodness I had help, or I would not have made it.


Courtney said...

oh no, michelle!!! that's awful! did anyone else get it?!? and your birthday week - yuck!

Renee said...

Does Michael come to Texas often? If he is ever in our neck of the woods we'd love to see him!

Sorry about Jaden having the Flu. That must have been awful for the poor little guy (and you of course)!