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Saturday, July 26, 2008


OK so I survived my first day alone with all four kids. A little scary and a little overwhelming as Michael left and 2 of the four kids were crying and one was complaining about the breakfast she was eating. We have been to the doctors twice this past week Jordan and Madison have strep throat and Jaden has had a weight check amazingly he has gained a good amount of weight. He is now up to 5lbs 6oz the same weight Jordan was when she was born. He's so awesome. The girls fight over who's turn it is to hold him and they just love kissing on him. He's so little and cute, with the exceptions of the reflux, that kind of sucks, squawking all night from the discomfort, but he is on Zantac and hopefully that will help him feel better soon and sleep better at night. The new born thing is always a little rough but with each child you know you are going to be tired and you just go get through it. This will really be our last baby so I have to enjoy everything about the new born stage now because come the fall and school starts I might miss something. Our family is definitely complete and praise God we had a good day alone. I managed to make the bed, get the dishes done, everyone had 3 meals plus snacks, they got to play in the inflatable pool I got to have an hour and half nap, while Jordan and Kaleigh watched a movie, (Madison and Jaden slept too) and we got to play soccer outside. Nothing super mom about it, just trying to keep everyone happy, we SURVIVED!!!


kristen said...

I am so glad your first day alone went well!! Praise God! I would love to come meet him and say hi to you all when it's a good time... we've been sick (I have anyway) for the past two weeks and certainly didn't want to go anywhere close to kids, babies and mommies that just had surgery!! I hope things continue to go well and maybe we can come by sometime next week or so? Take care - Love, Kristen :)

Jenkins said...

Jaden is adorable. Love all of the hair! How can you not want to love on him and kiss him all day long!

Courtney said...

LOVE the new blog! i tried a picture like that - with the feet and it didn't come out as well as yours. i'll have to try again. i miss you!